Vacations are important for your Physical and Mental Health

Vacations Are Important for Your Physical and Mental Health

By Kathy Steinemann

Do you have to push yourself to take a vacation every year? Getting away from the grind might be more important than you realize! A properly-planned holiday with ample opportunities to relax can improve your health in several ways. Here are a few.

A well-planned, restful vacation can be like a new lease on life. Here are seven reasons why.

Vacations Can Help You Maintain Your Ideal Weight

Chronic stress triggers the buildup of cortisol. According to many authorities, this causes weight gain. You are also more likely to eat "comfort foods" during stressful periods, which can pack on several pounds over a year.

Vacations May Help You Sleep Better

Sleep deprivation is one of the top health-related issues in our modern world.

• It can be caused by family pets who share the bed.

• Late-night business calls are also culprits.

• Evening computer work can stimulate the brain and make it more difficult to relax once the lights have been turned off.

• Some people just don't dedicate enough time for sleeping.

On vacation, there are no pets or business calls to contend with. Worries about tomorrow's hectic schedule are gone. Sleep quality improves, especially if ample time is allotted for a good night's rest.

Vacations Can Make Your Brain Function More Efficiently

The everyday stresses of a job or daily routine can accumulate over time. Stress affects your brain's ability to function at peak efficiency. It may stifle analytical skills, decision-making capabilities, and creativity. Now there's a great reason to take a holiday - it might make you smarter!

Vacations Can Help Prevent Coronary Disease

Stress relief in the form of a vacation can prevent heart attacks! Those who take advantage of a break from their daily routine are much less likely to suffer coronary events. A time-out from your hectic schedule can help to lower your blood pressure and boost your immune system.

Vacations Can Improve Mental Health

People who take regular vacations are less likely to suffer from depression, fatigue, and anxiety. They are also generally happier with their marriages and relationships.

Vacations Can Improve Family Relationships

The family that vacations together bonds together. During a well-planned vacation, family relationships can improve. Everyone creates memorable experiences together. These memories can form the basis of future happy discussions as everyone reminisces about the great time they had. Parents and grandparents find out more about younger family members. Children and teens feel a sense of belonging when they get a chance to help plan destinations and activities.

Vacations May Enhance Job Performance

Here is a good reason to ask your boss for a vacation! A break from your job can prevent burnout. On your return, you will be a happier, more productive employee with a new perspective on life and work responsibilities.

What Are You Waiting For?

Start planning your next vacation now. It doesn't have to be expensive or fancy.

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